miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

S i c k n e s s

I have almost forgot the phrase:
 "Even in the deepest darkness there´s always be a light that guides you"

There's going to be always someone who hate you , Who want to knock you out.

It can be the persons that we called "Friends, Family, "
and the people we don't really know about who they' re but all the time they  keep bully us.

, I know I have some friends who are my little light...  That I always keep inside me... the light who guide me in my most difficult times of my life...


Even if I am alone.. I have myself ...  I always going to have me and this is not of egocentrism, is the truth or am i wrong with it? 

people are continue to dissapoint us day by day.. I'm not talking about "friends"

....So I started to believe just in myself...
 nobody else.

We' re all ignorants.. Even the man with the most biggest smart would be a ignorant


because we like different things, everyone have different tastes, is logic they know more about the things they like, as the things they dislike, even if they are all words... IS LOGIC we do not know how to explain it's very difficult to put a single world into worlds.

is very sad that the peopleyou once trust its break you down... 
not only once, not only twice.... I have lost the count.

Solo escribo esto para descargarme un poco, lo escribo en inglés porque por alguna extraña razón me siento mas comoda.

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